Palletised Container Filling Machines

The range of palletised container filling machines are available fitted with either double acting volumetric piston pumps, flow meters or weighing platforms.

This range of filling machines is designed to allow the filling of containers such as barrels or drums whilst placed on a pallet or conveying system. This removes the need for the manual handling  of heavy containers and removes the operator from close proximity to possibly dangerous products.

The range is available for use with corrosive, flammable or explosive products.



The mobile range of semi-automatic paint filling machines utilise the same pump range as the bench mount series, however, they are now fitted to box section stainless steel frames complete with adjustable filling table, height adjustable filling head and wheel for mobility.

All machines from this range are type approved for use within Atex categorised areas.

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    Palletised Container Filling Machines